Many of you will have seen a notice on this page stating that the VA is taking a new direction with new staff etc. This however is not entirely true. The website has actually been taken over by a small group of staff and the reason for this is that they didn't like my management style.

I would like to point out that as no part of this move was I spoken to by any member of staff that knew about the move. Instead, myself and some others have been deceived and lied to, in what is quite clearly a childish, underhanded and conniving manner; and at no point was I ever made aware that my management style was unliked to the point of being booted out of the VA.

On Friday several website permissions were removed, and various members of staff including myself were removed as admins, and blocked from the VA's Facebook page. As of around 22:30 on the 29th, the vRAMS system was put into offline mode, and all remaining access removed. Along with this, a notice was place upon the main website and Facebook page detailing these changes.

There are also comments on the Facebook page regarding a threat by a member of staff to crash and take down the sites. This is due to a statement made by myself that I intended to do this, and was AFTER all my access as an administrator and owner of the VA had been removed, and is completely out of context.

As yet Paul Williams has not spoken to me, or made any attempt to explain his actions to me, and any issues with the VA that may have led up to this were never brought to my attention, although I have since been made aware that it is due to my managment style (in which I have updated this page to reflect that new information). However as nobody appears to be willing to talk like an adult, and as Paul had been awol for the 2 months running up to this and refused to make me aware of the problem and talk it through, I have no idea how I was expected to know that the was an issue and it was this serious.

I would like to point out publically, that had Paul approach me and informed me that my management style wasn't working and suggested that he take over as CEO while I remain with the VA in another capacity, then I would have taken him up on that. If a hierarchy restructure or dismissal was what it took then again, I would have been willing to go with that.

This has never admittedly been "my" VA, and while I have treated it as such when perhaps I shouldn't have, it is undeniable that I have put a significant amount of time and effort into the created, development and running of the VA. In particular the vRACARS software which I built from scratch, initially in a matter of months, but issuing updates and fixes as required. Despite this I haven't even received the common courtesy of a little recognition for my work.

Should anyone wish to discuss this further I can be contacted by email at

Best Regards to all my pilots and members, and I wish you well in the future.

Robert Eves